How to Sow Righteousness

Hosea 10: 12-13

12. Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy, break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain  righteousness upon you.


sow  – (zara – pronounced zaw-rah)

disseminate, plant, fructify, conceive seed, set with, yield

Qal – simple or casual action of the root in the active voice.

Imperative Mood – order or command

righteousness – (tsedaqah – pronounced tsed-aw-kaw)

justice, righteousness in all areas (ethically, morally, case or cause)

reap – (Qatsar – pronounced aw-tsar)

to harvest, to be short

Qal and Imperative – same as above

mercy – (checed – kheh-sed)

1. goodness, kindness, faithfulness  2. a reproach, shame

break up – (niyr – pronounced neer)

freshly plow or till, the gleam of a fresh furrow

Qal – Imperative – commands a simple action in active voice

fallow ground

land that has been plowed but not used for anything yet

time – (elh – pronounced ayth)

time of an event, occurrence, occasion, usual time

seek – (Darash – pronounced daw-rash)

seek with care, frequent a place, to consult, tread a place

Qal Infinitive

come – (Bow – pronounced bo)

to go in , enter, come in, fall or light upon, to come to pass, to attain to

Qal Imperfect – expresses an action, process or condition which is incomplete. Perfect tense expresses the fact. Imperfect adds color and movement by suggesting the process preliminary to its completion.

rain – (Yarah – pronounced yaw-raw)

to throw, shootm, cast, pour, to shoot arrows, throw water, to cast, lay, set

righteousness – (Tsedeq – pronounced tseh-dek)

justice, rightness in every way, weights and measures, case or cause, government, speech, ethical, controversy, vindication, deliverance, victory


13. Ye have plowed wickedness, ye have reaped iniquity; ye have eaten the fruit of lies: because though didst trust in thy way, in the multitude of thy mighty men.

plowed – (Charash – pronounced Khaw-rash)

1. to cut in , device, engrave     2. to be silent, be dumb , be speechless, be deaf

Qal Perfect – expresses a completed action

wickedness – (Resha – pronounced reh-shah)

wrong, wickedness, guilt

reaped – (Qatsar – pronounced kaw-tsar

to be short, be impatient, be vexed, be grieved, to reap, harvest

iniquity – (evel – pronounced eh-vel)

injustice, unrighteousness, wrong

eaten – (akal – pronounced aw-kal)

devour, burn up, feed, consume

fruit – (Pariy – pronounced per-ee)

produce, of ground, offspring, of womb, fruit of actions

lies – (Kachash – pronounced Kakh-ash)

deception, leanness, failure

trust – (Batach – pronounced baw-takh)

to feel safe, be careless, to have confidence

way – (Derek – pronounced deh-rek)

path, journey, direction, manner, habit, course of life

multitude – (Rob – pronounced robe)

abundance, greatness, numerous

mighty men – (Gibbowr – pronounced ghib-bore)

strong, brave


What an awesome passage this is. God lays out the rules for living in righteousness or ruin.

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