Do You Have a Life-Changing Faith?

Hebrews 11: 1 tells the Christian exactly what is needed to have a life-changing faith. I have written down each word below and given the exact Greek meaning plus the tense in which it is used.

When you believe with all your heart, you have a very strong conviction or assurance that is happening in the NOW. You have prayed for something, are assured and truly believe that it is God’s will for you to have it, and now you KNOW that God is answering your prayer at that very moment.

This is very real and is an actual foundation that has actual existence. In legal terms, it would be like having a title deed to whatever it is you are believing for; you just can’t see it yet with your earthly eyes.

You are truly expecting whatever it is that you have prayed for and know without a doubt that it exists; then when the time is right God will provide it.

The world says “I must see it before I will believe it,” but God says “believe it first and then you will receive it.”

Put Him to the test and see what wonderful things He will accomplish in your life.


NOW – Continuative primary particle – short, straight, to the point ; first in rank; continuing on and on.

FAITH – Persuasion, conviction, constancy, assurance; the one and only faith.

IS – Present Indicative Active – Asserts something which is occurring while the speaker is making the statement. The action is being accomplished by the subject of the verb.

THE SUBSTANCE – Substructure, foundation, that which has actual existence. In legal terms – to stand under, whole body of documents which form evidence of ownership.

Faith is the title deed of things hoped for.

OF THINGS HOPED FOR – Things that are expected.

THE EVIDENCE – Proof or conviction

OF THINGS – That which exists, literally a thing done

NOT SEEN – Present Passive Middle Participle -Action you are not seeing, but is occurring at the same time with the leading verb. Subject receives the action of the verb.


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