Biblical Restoration

Help each other bear burdens and restore each other with meekness, because you don’t know when you will be tempted and need help yourself.

Galatians 6: 1

Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, you which are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness; considering yourself, lest you also be tempted.

BRETHREN (adelphos – pronounced ad-el-fos)

a brother, either near or remote

OVERTAKEN (prolambano – pronounced prol-am-ban-o)

to take in advance, to anticipate, surprise, take before

AORIST SUBJUNCTIVE PASSIVE – simple undefined action that happens at a specific point in time, the subject receives the action of the verb and makes an assertion about which there is some doubt or uncertainty

So the Christian brother or sister would be the one who is overtaken. This onslaught of temptation could either be a total surprise or something that the person may have been mulling over in their mind for a long period of time and just acted on it. Either way, it is definite that they were overtaken in something bad. God will always make a way out for you, though, when you are tempted. You don’t have to just give in to it.

IN (en)

A fixed position in place, time or state

A preposition that relates a noun or pronoun with some other word in the sentence.

FAULT (paraptoma – pronounced par-ap-to-mah)

a side slip, lapse or deviation, whether unintentional error or willful transgression; offence or trespass

ANARTHROUS NOUN – Intended to point out the quality of something

This side slip could be either something a person totally was not aware of and would never intentionally do on purpose, or something that they knew was wrong and decided to do even with that knowledge.

Bearing one another’s burdens gives accountability for the Christian so that it is easier to get restored after a fall.

If Christians did this all the time, it would be an extra guard against being tempted and falling away in the first place.

SPIRITUAL (pneumatikos – pronounced pnyoo-mat-ik-os)

non-carnal, supernatural, regenerate, religious

PREDICATE – makes an assertion about the subject (You)

DEFINITE ARTICLE – emphasizes the preson or thing it modifies

RESTORE (katartizo – pronounced kat-ar-tid-zo)

to complete thoroughly, repair or adjust, make perfect

ACTIVE TENSE – action that is accomplished by the subject (You who are spiritual)

IMPERATIVE MOOD – used to give a command

PRESENT TENSE INDICATIVE MOOD – contemporaneous action that is living or occurring at the same time and in the present

So the Christian who is in a right relationship with God is commanded to do what it takes to restore a Christian brother or sister who has been tempted and fallen in some area. The word restore here is in the present tense and is to be ongoing. So to bear another’s burden would be to do whatever it takes to help them in a spirit of meekness, as long as they will allow it.

MEEKNESS (praotes – pronounced prah-ot-ace)

gentleness, humbleness

CONSIDERING (skopeo – pronounced skop-eh-o)

to take aim at or regard, look at

ACTIVE TENSE PRESENT PARTICIPLE – The action is accomplished by the subject (you) and is continuous or repeated action – to keep yourself from falling while helping others.

TEMPTED (peirazo – pronounced pi-rad-zo)

to test, entice, prove, through the idea of piercing

The stronger Christian is also reminded that he/she should always consider themselves and that they could be the one that is in the shoes of the one who has fallen. They should always help others with the same spirit of meekness that they would want to be helped.

Galatians 6: 2

Bear you one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the Law of Christ.

BEAR (bastazo – pronounced bas-tad-zo)

the idea of removal or lifting off – figuratively, to endure, declare, sustain, receive, carry, or take up

PRESENT IMPERATIVE ACTIVE – The action is accomplished by the subject (you), gives a command, and is continuing action

BURDENS (baros – pronounced bar-os)

the notion of going down, load, abundance, weight

ANARTHROUS NOUN – points out the quality of something that is person, place, or thing

FULFILL (anapleroo – pronounced an-ap-lay-ro-o)

to complete, to accomplish, occupy, supply

AORIST IMPERATIVE ACTIVE – The action is accomplished by the subject (you), is used to give a command, and is the reality of something taking place that is just simple, undefined action

LAW (nomos – pronounced nom-os)

a principle – the perfect law that means the more perfect law for the Christian that is in contrast with the Law of Moses, the laws and precepts established by the gospel


This is a command of God that we help each other as Christians. Satan is out to destroy whomever he can, so we need to help each other remain strong in the faith.

When Jesus died on the cross and arose from the dead, He set into place a more perfect law than the laws that had been given to Moses so long ago.

If we help each other by praying for needs, bearing burdens, and walking in love for others, we will truly be fulfilling the Law of Christ.

It is God’s desire for Christians to have love and restoration in mind for one who falls, not try to totally disregard or trample on them.

The Holy Spirit is the only one, though, that can give direction as to the correct way to restore a person who has given way to sin. Sometimes it takes tough love, and other times we might just be able to go to that person and confront them in a loving way. Always pray for direction before you make a move in any direction where another is concerned.

God wants to use you to restore them, not drive them further away from Him.

The Christian really needs to take this passage seriously, and not think that they have the privilege of just judging the person or driving them out of the church for good.

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